Mission completed: Black rhino female Eliska from ZOO Dvur Kralove is well in Africa

Black rhino female Eliska, born in 2012 in ZOO Dvur Kralove, was successfully transported from the Czech Republic to the rhino sanctuary in Tanzanian reservation Mkomazi on Monday 27th June. She is going to be involved to the reproduction programme whose aim is to revive black rhino population in this area.

Eliska’s journey was launched on Sunday morning and lasted about 31 hours. A final part of the transport from the Kilimanjaro airport to the Mkomazi a police convoy escorted the Eliska to ensure a trouble-free journey.

Eliska’s state of health has been under the vet’s control for all her journey and she perfectly handled it. After the arrival she has explored her new enclosure and has begun to eat her favourite carrots and hay shortly.

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