Animals and exhibits

Coast of Namibia - African Penguins


Head to the beach near the Namibian town of Lüderitz. It’s a place where the desert meets the ocean and where penguins live in a relative harmony with humans. Therefore you can find a rusty lighthouse, warehouse with an old crane and even a few fishing boats "parked" on a pebble beach. There are also some nesting huts for penguins, blending into the terrain just like in the wild. The penguins also have indoor space with 2 small pools, but we assume that they will be outside all year round.

Although the penguins are almost within reach, do not try to touch them. They have very sharp beaks!

You won't find a similar penguin enclosure anywhere else, and we really hope that this part of the park will soon become one of the most popular.

The penguin’s enclosure is a part of much larger South-West Africa exhibit that is currently being built. There is a large walk-through aviary for pink flamingos and other water birds, a large enclosure for Hartmann's zebras, aviaries for great egrets and pelicans, and later on an exhibition of hyenas and other animals will also be completed.

You can grab some refreshments in the new Steak House restaurant while gazing at the first vineyard in Dvůr Králové.