Record breaking year: We have welcomed 600 000 visitors in 2022

600,000 have already visited the safari park this year. visitors. It is the highest number in modern history.

The Safari Park welcomed the 600,000th visitor for 2022 on Monday, October 24, 2022 at 1:35 p.m.
"We are extremely happy about this. It is the highest attendance in modern history. The result is all the more valuable as competition has been increasing rapidly in recent years. Existing gardens are being significantly improved and new ones are being created, as well as a number of other attractions. I thank everyone who likes to return to the safari park and supports it," said the director of the safari park, Přemysl Rabas.

The Dufek family from Mladá Boleslav became jubilee visitors. The director of the safari park welcomed them and gave them a voucher for a stay at the Safari Park Resort with a stylish African dinner at the Safari Brewery and an eye-to-eye Giraffe experience. This stay package is one of the most popular that the safari park resort offers to visitors. Dufkovi themselves are currently staying at the hotel: "We are very happy to return to the safari park, we like the females best. We are pleased that there will always be something new in the garden," they said.

The safari park welcomed a record number of visitors at the beginning of the popular Ghost Week. This year's highlight is the Persian leopard cubs, which started regularly going to the outdoor enclosure today and introduced themselves to the public. Carving pumpkins to decorate the safari park area or pumpkin feasts with selected species of animals are also very popular with visitors.