Return of Rhinos to Africa – Dvůr Králové Zoo Joins Forces with Veronica Varekova, TOMS and Elle

For this summer, TOMS company prepared for the Czech Republic a special model of shoes called Save the rhino Alpargata. By its purchase you can support return of black rhinos from Dvůr Králové Zoo to Africa. The project is supported by topmodel Veronica Varekova, who has been cooperating with the zoo for years, and Elle fashion magazine.

„I am excited that Dvůr Kralové Zoo is able to get as charismatic animals as the rhinos back to areas where they went extinct. Rwanda is a beatiful country where I am trying to help. Now, I am glad I have a chance to collaborate with the zoo on the intended transport of rhinos right to this place – to Rwanda,“ said Veronica Varekova.

The last black rhino in Rwanda was seen in 2007.  Their return took place at the beginning of this May when a group of rhinos from South Africa was transported to national park Akagera. „It is important to get the rhinos from SA together with genetically non-related rhinos from European zoos. In this way we can enhance chances to establish a healthy population in the country,“ explained Jan Stejskal, Director of International Projects at Dvůr Králové Zoo.

The special model of shoes TOMS Save the rhino and the joint efforts of Dvůr Králové Zoo and Veronica Varekova are presented in the June edition of the Elle fashion magazine, which came out on Monday, May 15. „TOMS is a perfect partner in a philanthropic world and I am grateful to this company and also to the Elle magazine for their support to the project,“ adds Veronica Varekova.

Dvůr Králové Zoo is active in conservation of the wild animals in different African countries. For instance, it successfully transported four black rhinos to Tanzania. These individuals, born in the zoo, have already had their own calves born in Africa. TOMS in the Czech Republic supports the project of Dvůr Králové Zoo and Veronica Varekova that aims at returning of black rhinos back to Rwanda. All profits from the sale of TOMS model Save the rhino will be used to support the project.

The limited edition of the model TOMS Save the rhino is on sale through the website of Urbanlux,, or in the Zooshop of Dvůr Králové Zoo. Also, you can contribute to conservation of rhinos in Africa via the special Dvůr Králové Zoo bank account WILDLIFE in the Czech Republic, No. 264350610/0300.