Safari set to open on May 4. Enjoy your visit

The moving of pelicans to the lake of Josef Vagner's African Safari started a key part of the preparations for the start of the main season of the Dvůr Králové Safari Park. Now the lechwe, watusi, Chapman's zebra and other species are gradually following. The herds go on safari with dozens of offspring. The season runs until the beggining of October.

Pelicans from the behind the scenes of the West Cape, blesbocks from the Tiébélé stables. Some species make periodic moves as part of their move to safari. For example, eland antelopes, Chapman's zebras and wildebeest are moving out to the pastures of the Netřeba Creek valley from their winter residences right next to the safari, which opens on 4 May.

"The migration will take place in several waves depending on the animals' tenacity. Giraffes or hippos still have to wait a few weeks, but the vast majority of species will move during this week and visitors will see them by the weekend," says the zoological director of the safari park, Jaroslav Hyjánek. Experts had to postpone the planned start of the season due to the extreme weather fluctuations of the last few weeks.

Traditionally, people can go among the African animals by Africa truck, Safaribus or their own car. The offer will be complemented this year by the possibility of free rental of hybrid vehicles provided by the safari park's partner, Autostyl Trutnov.

People will also be able to enjoy the safari in an experiential way: private off-road drives on request, possibly combined with a themed African-style dinner, are a matter of course. The Evening Safari with expert commentary will also be on the road again from 31 May, and can already be booked online.

Those who take their own vehicle among the buffaloes, ostriches, lions or zebras will not miss out on learning about the animals. For them, the Mobile Safari app is completely free and this year will also be presented in Polish and English versions.


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