Vietnamese pop star Thu Minh cooperates with Czech ZOO Dvur Kralove on the rhino rescue

Thu Minh, a UN Campaign Champion, visited ZOO Dvur Kralove in the Czech Republic on Sunday 5th June to support its efforts in rhino conservation. In the zoo, she launched the part of Wild for Life campaign that is dedicated to the critical situation of rhinos in the wild. On average three rhinos are poached for their horn every day in Africa.

During the event, Thu Minh took over the patronage of the transport of rhino female Eliska from ZOO Dvur Kralove to Mkomazi National Park in Tanzania. ZOO Dvur Kralove is world-wide known for their breeding successes of rhinos and conservation activities. Eliska is the fourth black rhino to be transported from the zoo back home to Africa to support a local rhino population. Previously transported rhinos to Tanzania have successfully bred already.

In general, the campaign Wild for Life aims to mobilize millions of people to participate in the process of making commitments and taking action to end the illegal trade in wildlife. The symbol species include: Orangutan, Sea Turtle, Pangolin, Rosewood, Rhino, Elephant, Helmeted Hornbill and Tiger and they are represented by UN Goodwill Ambassadors and celebrities, e.g. Thu Minh, Gisele Bündchen, Neymar JR etc.

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