Offroad Safari

Imagine just you and a guide alone amongst herds of animals, enjoying a trip in an off-road safari vehicle and a genuine African meal on your return. Experience an early evening in the midst of creatures on the Serengeti grassland. Get within arm's reach of a zebra. 

When to set out to the off-road safari

  • May - September, daily at 17:00 a 18:00


Adults with an African dinner Children 3-15 with African dinner Adults (only ride) Children 3-15 years (only ride) Children up to 3 years (only ride)
1 250 Kč/person 900 Kč/person 800 Kč/person 600 Kč/person 100 Kč/person
  • Guide in english for special fee 1000 Kč - only after previous agreement

How to buy the off-road safari

Please, contact us on the e-mail