Ghosts Week in Safari Park Dvůr Králové

26.10. - 3.11.2019
Enjoy our traditional autumn event Ghosts Week in Safari Park Dvůr Králové which is held from Saturday, October 26 until Sunday, November 3. The magical environment will impress all visitors even you!

What can you look forward the most?

Gouging your pumpkin

(daily 9:00 - 17:00)
Let your imagination run riot and carve your original pumpkin creature right here in safari park. You do not even have to bring your own pumpkin there, we have plenty of them in stock. However, we recommend you to take your tools with you. You can work at three carving stands - Restaurant Lemur, Neumann's Villa and playground next to the Kibo Restaurant. 

Please, do not take away your pumpkin masterpieces home. Put it anywhere around the safari park and  let them decorate the place and be admired by other visitors. 

African Ghost and African Elder

(26. - 28. 10. a 1. - 3. 11. 12:00 - 15:00)
Meet revived African ghost and African Elder. They will initiate you into the mysteries of old dancing art or traditional African drumming.

Meeting of ghosts and magical creatures 

(Saturday 2. 11.)
Do not miss the opportunity to meet with a variety of terrifying creatures and at the same time fulfil all magical tasks. Be sure that you and your children will enjoy this amazing programme more if you come in fancy dress costume, too.