African Carnivores

The African carnivores exhibits are concentrated opposite the one of the main entrances of the park. The oldest section is from the 1970.

You can start getting to know about African carnivores at the cheetah's. They live in a large outdoor enclosure with an African baobab in its centre. The enclosure is connected with the indoor exhibit as well. Safari Park Dvůr Králové belongs among the best breeders of these threatened African felines. Cheetahs have been bred here regularly since 1970s.

The journey continues via three paths lined by enclosures of hyenas, caracals, leopards, and other carnivore species.

Here you can meet

Persian leopard

Cheetah Caracal African wild dog Spotted hyena
Bat-eared fox Serval African civet Honey badger  Common dwarf mongoose

Black-backed jackal

Striped hyena