Safari for pedestrians and large natural enclosures

Let's go for a walk across the pedestrian safari on the wooden raised footbridge among the extensive enclosures of African ungulates.

On one side of safari you can meet  the groups of two African rhino species - black and white rhinos. And those who will encourage themselves can crawl by way of a short tunnel into to the termite mound situated in the center of the rhino enclosure and watch these majestic creatures from a very close range.

Fixing your eyes on the second side you will have a gorgeous view on the wide pasture land where giraffes walk together, zebras drink from a water hole and antelopes relax in the shadow of the trees. Suddenly you find yourselves in the middle of African savanna.
The pedestrian safari starts behind the Gorilla's house and lead across the ungulates enclosures, around the hippo's lake to the lions kingdom and drill's exhibit.


You can meet here
Rothschild's giraffe, Reticulated giraffe Grévy's zebra, Plains zebra Eastern black rhino, Souther white rino Roan antelope
Dromedary Somali wild ass Marabou stork Hippopotamus
Impala Pelican Nyala Scimitar oryx