Tropical swamps and bird's aviaries

Spring and summer are the best times to visit our large bird's aviary which is inhabitted by a lot of terrestrial and water birds. It's a large walk through area.

This place is a perfect relaxation spot with a few benches and a beatiful view to a pond full of different species of water birds. The aviary leeds to an inner exhibit called Tropical swamps, providing the birds with a shelter in the winter. The Tropical swamps are open for visitors.

You can meet here

Abdim's stork

African spoonbill

Teals and other ducks Lesser flamingo
Hamerkop Southern bald ibis  Little egret Purple heron

The Flamingo's aviary

This aviary is inhabited especially by typical African birds, flamingos, and other bird species, too. You can find it behind the Gallery of Zdeněk Burian. 

You can meet here

Greater flamingo

White-faced whistling duck

Eurasian spoonbill Crested guineafowl