Water World and Poisonous Africa Exhibit

Currently, the Water World is being partly reconstructed and modernized. However, the house is still open to public except of the part called tropical river.
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Welcome to the Water World and Poisonous Africa Exhibit.

Enjoy the fascinating and stunning world of a tropical coral reef and some of the most dangerous snakes in the world.  to the Water World and Poisonous Africa Exhibit.

When you visit the house do not take a fright of two tomistomas inside. The male called Kraken with his length of 4,5 m is one of the biggest crocodile you can see in the Czech Republic. He arrived to the safari park with the female Penelopa in 1989.

Here you can meet


Puff adder Cape cobra Forest cobra
Nitsche's bush viper Malagasy leaf-nosed snake Western green mamba Malagasy ground boa
Burmese python African rock python Gaboon viper Ball python
False gharial

Nile monitor