First rhinos transported from Europe released into the wild in Rwanda

Recently, three of the five critically endangered black rhinos that were transported from Safari Park Dvůr Králové, the Czech Republic, to Akagera National Park in June were released into the wild. The other two are to be released in the near future.

“The release of rhinos from zoos into the wild is a proof that breeding of endangered species in human care can significantly contribute to their conservation. Helping animals in their original environment and range has become an important part of modern zoos’ and safari parks’ mission,” said Přemysl Rabas, director of Safari Park Dvůr Králové.

The rhinos that roam free now are the youngest trio, i.e. females Jasiri and Olmoti and male Mandela. They move freely in open savannah and bushes, they are doing well and taking browse on naturally available plants. The condition of the animals continues to be monitored as well as what they are eating. If needs arise for supplements, it will be provided. But the park's staff hopes it will not be necessary as the rainy season currently offers a good variety of fresh browse in Akagera.

The three rhinos got into the wild from a large enclosure which is actually a large fenced area of bush and grass savannah. Now the female Jasmina has been moved to this enclosure and is expected to leave in few days. Jasmina will be immediately followed by Manny, who is still in the boma with access to a large enclosure with stone walls.

Currently, a project of the Safari Brewery and Pilsner Urquell companies was launched. People in 1500 pubs throughout the Czech Republic can enjoy the December beer speciality African Coffee Stout with a touch of Kenyan coffee. From every litre of beer consumed, one Czech Crown will be donated to a safari park´s rhino conservation project. It is also possible to contribute through DMS.

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