Madagascar island and tropical forest

Welcome to Madagascar island where you can set out across the canyon of Makay mountains. During your journey you will meet fossa, the biggest carnivore of Madagascar, tortoises, different bird's species and also the small hidden lake. 

Later, going through the exhibit of night animals, including lemur maki, you can move to the lush tropical forest with a huge waterfall and orangutans. Thanks to the reconstruction in 2019, you can see there now a new visual design, go on a new wooden footbridge leading on the end of the tropical house and admire almost complete replaced vegetation.

You definitely will not overlook the famous african tropical birds like turacos or hornbills who move there free.

The uniqe tropical house was opened for the very first time in 1998 and signally reconstructed and modernized in 2019. 

You can meet here


Lemur maki

Bornean orangutan Tortoises
Turaco Hornbill  other species of birds